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Guidance is a group of non-physical beings whose only vibration is Love and Light. Guidance consists of Ascended Masters, Angels, Healers, Teachers and Awakeners; and working in tandem they call themselves Guidance. They never judge, they only have love for you. Click here for an appointment to speak directly with Guidance.

Mind-Body-Spirit Healing 


Troublesome Recurrent Themes

The fundamental reason that 'like attracts like' is because similar energy vibrations attract and activate one another. Check out YouTube videos for physics: resonance and forced vibration to see how that works.

For people who practice traditional medicine, energy medicine, LOA and/or on the leading edge of metaphysics and quantum physics, its proven over and over again that the vibration of our personal energy draws to itself a 3D reality that vibrates at the same rate.

So that things, events, people, health, situations, etc., all are consciously drawn to us creating what we desire. Some people can do this with ease while others will put more time and effort into the practice with little or no desired outcome. Why?

Because it's not only the vibration of our conscious thoughts, our conscious beliefs and our conscious intentions, it's also our unconscious mind and the energy stored in our physical bodies that are constantly radiating vibrations. If these energies, for example, are emotions of fear and helplessness and repressed memories of childhood abuse, then they will manifest things that are a match vibrationally.

This underlying energy is initially created while experiencing emotional and/or physical trauma, intense moments of loss, helplessness, abuse, pain or fear, childhood situations, past lives, or a combination of several of these and others. These get stored not only in our minds, but in the tissues of your physical body. And because it is energy, it is actively vibrating and attracting like energy, whether you consciously recall the events, emotions or not.

This is what's happening when people who want so badly to heal, are following their doctor's orders but they can't maintain health and wellbeing for very long before something else strikes them down. This is what's happening when positive affirmations or the Laws of Attraction 'aren't working' and why unwanted recurrent themes are in our lives. A client of mine said it was like living in the movie, "Groundhog Day" for her.

I'm unintentionally downplaying the intensity of pain that many of you are in right now simply by calling this a 'theme.' I understand the seriousness when there has been a lot of trauma, or other reasons for a large accumulation of underlying energy.

After reading this, many of you can clear underlying energy on your own now that you know what's causing the recurring themes. If it's not too big, you can use self-help techniques like tapping. Jessica and Nick Ortner have many instructional videos on tapping and many of them are free on YouTube. I also recommend spending as much time as you can in meditation in a consistent daily practice, keeping your mindful focus on *divine love (see below). Another useful self-help tool is the 22-Processes in the book, 'Ask and It Is Given' by Abraham-Hicks. All of these 3 methods clear and raise your vibrational rate.

But when you need more assistance than self-help can offer, Guidance and I are here to help you to clear the underlying energy. We understand repeated situations and being stuck in unwanted patterns.

If there is an unconscious underlying energy involved, Guidance (with love and respect - never any judgment) reveals them for you and helps you to have a clearer understanding of what is creating the recurrent theme and why. In both Awakening sessions and Channeled Life Readings (CLR), you get to speak directly with Guidance for this clearer understanding.

Also, Awakening sessions help clear the underlying energies gently with Love and Light while helping you to remember who you really are and connections are made or strengthened between the head and the heart. With Mind-Body-Spirit healing, we'll work to strengthen your current mental, emotional and physical bodies utilizing the healing modalities that best meet your current needs.

All of our work includes the wellbeing of the physical, emotional and mental aspects of you because this type of healing occurs on all levels of your being including your relationships, your finances and all areas of your life. All of our work is done with divine love and with respect for you. There is never any judgment, only love.

*Divine Love: is also known as Love and Light. It is unconditional, meaning that we are loved and accepted 'as is' right now. In every 'now.' You are divine love because you are an eternal being of love and light. It's who you really are. During tapping when we say, "I deeply and completely love and accept myself" we are allowing the vibration of divine love into that meridian to  heal (clear) the energy that we've brought up for healing.

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Katherine Aaron, NMD holds degrees in naturopathic medicine  and counseling. She is recognized both internationally and in the U.S. for her Channeled Life Readings (CLR), which allows anyone to speak directly with Guidance.

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